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This section is especially personal for us. When I adopted the cream and salve making hobby -slash- newborn business venture, We were now awaiting my own first newborn! Also being Lucy's first grandchild, we were all particularly invested in this new addition to our world. It was a natural extension to get busy making baby products that were the absolute best - and it stuck! These are the original formulas that have now been sucessfully used for the entirety of both my children's first years, and many other's,  with absolute reliability and purity. Now that's a Blissful Baby!


Tushie Salve
Considering how long a baby spends in a diaper, whether cloth or not, those sensitive little bottoms need immediate and natural relief, and protection. Our Tushie salve is zinc-oxide free, petroleum free, lanolin free, paraben free, and absolutely worry free!! Slather it on at night for a smooth-skinned morning, or use beetween diaper changes to keep your baby protected. Diaper rash and yeast don't stand a chance.
Don't hesitate to double this salve as a first aid ointment
for minor skin abrasions.
Almond oil, XV Olive oil, Grapeseed oil, infused herbs
of Chamomile, Calendula blossom Plantain, Goldenseal root
(cultivated), Sandalwood powder, Vitamin E oil. No essential oils.
1oz white plastic jar ........$8.00
*In Stock*

Happy Baby!
Herbal Antiseptic Teething Oil
A perfect recipe of gentle herbs and
essential oils to help reduce inflammation
and discomfort due to teething. Calming and
slightly anesthetic, with a very mild and pallatable taste.
I haven't met a baby yet who didn't love it!
Contains NO Sugar, honey or other
artificial sweeteners. We've chosen the nutritive
herb Stevia  to create a safe and gentle sweetness.
St. Johnswort oil (infused by XV Olive oil),
Chamomile blossoms, Lemon Balm,
Peppermint, Stevia, Clove, Apricot Kernal oil,
pure essential oils of Peppermint, Roman
Chamomile and Clove, vitamin E.
*Not for internal use - only for topical gum
application in small, reasonable quantities.*
1/2 oz cobalt bottle.........$9.50
*In Stock*

McKenzie's Herbal Baby Powder
Soft as a baby's bottom! Antibacterial,
talc and cornstarch free. Super soothing
and aromatic, a sprinkle of this heals
red irritated skin due to moisture and
warmth. Goldenseal kills bacteria
while remaining ultra-gentle.
Absorbant and safe for everyday use.
Even great for mom's and dad's!
Kaolin Clay, Arrowroot, Comfrey root,
Goldenseal (cultivated), pure essential oils
of French Lavender and Clary Sage.
4oz shaker...........$7.50
*In Stock*

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Mama's Boo Boo Balm please
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please see the Aromatherapy Treatments
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