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Our Lucy's Luxurious Skin Cream, Precious Pearl and Peony Cream, Neroli Night Cream, Rosey Glow Skin Cream, Lavender Luxury Skin Cream, St. Johnswort Soul Cream and Calendula Orange Clarifying Cream (see seasonal specialties) are now in 50 ml beautiful Blue Cobalt glass jars. These jars hold almost 50% more cream than the 1 ounce jars.  We have priced them reasonably adding only $1 more per jar.

We hope you enjoy more cream for less cost...all in a beautiful blue container.

Blissfully yours,  Lucy Mitchella

Precious Pearl and Peony Cream...Formulated with Pearl Powder and Peony root powder which are loaded with silica, calcium and other skin restoring nutrients.  The Chinese have traditionally utilized the healing powers of these gifts from Nature for strengthening and beautifying the skin.  The oils of Apricot Kernel, Virgin Coconut and Cocoa Butter provide a moisturizing base to carry these nutrients into the deeper levels of the skin.  The addition of Helichrysm, Lemon Verbena, Blue Chamomile and Lavender essential oils further enhances the regeneration and soothing of the skin.  With the earthy and lemony scent naturally occuring in the essential oils, consider this cream best for irritated, wrinkled, normal to dry, damaged or stressed skin.  Enjoy the beauty secrets of the Orient.

50 ml Cobalt Blue Glass Jar........................................$17.00 each 
(in stock 4/13/11)

Coconut Almond Nourishing Cream...From the tropics, Virgin Coconut Oil and Cocoa Butter bring moisturizing, protecting and soothing qualities that seep deep into the skin.  Sweet Almond oil and pure Bitter Almond essential oils feed the skin with nutrients and revitalizing properties that smell and feel delicious.  Pure beeswax, vitamins C and E gently preserve our product while adding antioxidant protection to the skin.  Enjoy this rich, creamy, smooth cream that is good for all skin types.

2 ounce blue cobalt glass jar..........................................$18.00 each


St. Johnswort Soul Cream...
~With Jasmine & Geranium~
Enjoy the soothing properties of this
high potency hypericum cream. Made
for the most sensitive of skins yet
effective for all. Indispensible for
burns (Sun,  stove, or incisions) and irritated skin.
Anti-inflammatory and extra healing are the boasts
of this cream! The delicate and lovely
essential oils of Jasmine Flower
and Egyptian Geranium add to the
cooling properties and tranquil
50ml  blue cobalt glass jar  $16.00
*In Stock*


A potent herbal extract no zit can survive. One of
our best sellers, making the biggest impression on
our college aged clientel. Great for those unexpected
eruptions! Use sparingly on sensitive skin. For
spot application.
Made with Echinacea root, Witch Hazel, Chapperal,
Red Clover, Chamomile, Lavender, extracted in
French Brandy.    

Vital ~ Eyes 
concentrated herbal youth cream
A rich formula designed to combat the signs of
aging such as fine lines, tired or darkened eyes,
and uneven skin. Provides high potencies of 
nutrient-packed herbs and moisturizers. Grapefruit
seed extract kills free radicals and speeds cell
renewal. Supports firmness and resiliance while
the Blue Yarrow and Rose attar essential oils refine
and soothe all seven layers of the dermis.
Includes Ginseng, Green Tea, Licorice,
Lemon Balm, Calendula, Rose hydrosol,
Aloe Vera and Comfrey!
.88 oz. glass jar .............$27.50
*IN Stock!

    Lavender Luster
     Clay & honey facial cleanser
        ~French Lavender~
A gentle and thorough cleansing
emulsion, featuring raw Connecticut
honey, kaolin clay, pure castille soap,
Aloe Vera and the beautiful refreshing
essential oil of French Lavender!
Washing your face with this perfectly
balanced blend will be a delightful
part of your daily routine.
For ALL skin types.
*IN Stock*


Lavender Luxury cream
Here is the quintessential aromatherapy
herbal skin cream. Use this anywhere,
anytime, on anyone! Superb from baby
to grandma, you can't go wrong with this
perfect light and soothing cream. Rich
with our pristine French Lavender essential
oil and our unrefined cocoa butter, it has a
more delicious smell than your average
"Lavender" cream, and with a stellar base
of Comfrey, Chamomile, Calendula, Nettles,
Apricot Kernal and Olive oils, your skin
will love you!! And of course - there's a
generous 25% organic Aloe vera in it too!
Pairs nicely with our Amazing Face cleanser.
     50ml Cobalt Blue glass jar ............$ 15.50
*In Stock*

7 Herbs & Avocado skin cream
~With Nettles, Sandalwood, & Clary Sage!~
Beneficial for anyone, this highly nourishing
formula is particularly helpful to those
with depleted, extra dry, or cracking
skin. Herbs offering wealthy amounts
 of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and
moisture retaining qualities were
 selected for this nutritive cream.
 Made with our universally pleasing
and balanced aromatherapy blend including
Lavender, Clary, Rose-Geranium
and Sandalwood.
1oz   cream pot ........$16.00
*In stock*

Lucy's Luxurious Skin Cream
Now with Roman Chamomile!!

Indulge your skin in this classic, sophisticated rich face and body cream. Especially compatible with our own skin, a touch of anhydrous lanolin provides your skin with the ultimate nourishing protection. A light, pleasing sweetness comes from the subtle aroma of 100% Sandalwood, Chamomile and Balsam Peru essential oils. You won't beleive how incredible this cream feels, it's so soft and comforting! A saving grace for dry winters, chapped skin, and people who are traveling on airplanes. In addition to Rose hydrosol, Chamomile infused oil, Aloe vera gel, and cooling coconut oil, we are especially fond of the organic Avocado oil that is so balancing and vitamin rich. A cream that won't quit - or dissapoint!! Great on babies and kids.
(please don't buy this if you are allergic to lanolin.)
50 ml blue cobalt glass jar.....$16.00
In Stock

 Creamy Chamomile (unscented)
~For Extra Sensitive Skin~       
Troubled skin but can't use anything?Here's your
cream! All of the Blissful formulas are
free of synthetic substances,  but the creamy
chamomile  has excluded any essential oils
 making it the best choice 
for hypersensitive skin or sensitive noses. Unless you are directly
allergic to the Chamomile (or Daisy family) this
cream will be a blessing to you. The Chamomile
flowers and virgin beeswax allow it to naturally
smell soft and honey-like! Fantastic on babies and as
an eye makeup remover too! Simple, buttery and gentle for
 all skin types.
*IN Stock*

1 ounce double wall plastic jar for 12.50........

Lucy's Rosey Glow face cream
~with Bulgarian Rose essential Oil~
This soft and ultra-gentle hydrating formula
leaves your face with a renewed calm glow.
Made with anti-inflammatory herbs
(Roses, Lavender and Aloe) it is
especially helpful for hot and reddened
skin, thread veins or broken capillaries.
Pure essential oils of Bulgarian Rose (the very best)
and our pristine French Lavender
make this a feminine, exquisite choice.
Also enriched with vitamins E and A,
cooling coconut oil, and Bulgarian Rose hydrosol.
50ml cobalt blue glass jar ..........$20.00
*In Stock*

Neroli Night cream
Neroli (Orange Blossom) essential oil, is
distilled from the luscious blossoms of the
bitter orange tree. It is highly regarded for
it's bitter-sweet romantic aroma and anti-
depressant properties. It is tonic for all
skin types, having the unique ability
to balance the skin's oil production. It
has been noted to improve elasticity and
resiliance to all layers of the skin. Here, Lucy
has created one of the most luxurious creams I've
ever used. Her wildcrafted Chickweed, Plantain
and Nettles are used as the base.  Comfrey 
infused oil is added for emollient and skin regenerating
 properties, then it is whipped to perfection with
 Aloe vera gel, Rose water and virgin beeswax. Sleep
encouraging essential oils of sweet Marjoram
and Roman Chamomile round out this
completely wonderful night cream.
*In Stock*

  Neroli Night Cream 50 ml Cobalt Blue glass jar .............$15.50              


Magickal Face Oil A balanced blend of herbal and essential selected for their skin correcting, nourishing and revitalizing properties. With Chamomile infused oil as the base, it becomes your ultimate skin quencher! Gently massage 2-3 drops of this medicinal elixer into moist face after cleansing. Especially helpful to oily, combination or acne-prone skins. Also instantly soothes razor burn! ORIGINAL Blend contains a proprietary essential oil blend including Tea Tree, Frankincense, Peppermint, Rose Geranium, and Lavender CITRUS blend contains a proprietary essential oil blend including Tea Tree, Lavender, Frankincense, Rose Geranium, Lemongrass, Sweet Orange and Grapefruit. No mint. Other ingredients ....Almond oil, Grapeseed oil, Apricot kernal oil, vitamin E oil, evening primrose oil.

Magickal Face Oil - Original Blend ...1oz...$14.50


Magickal Face Oil..Citrus blend 1oz.... $14.50


Carrot Seed ~ Blue Chamomile Eye cream
Undeniably dreamy. This buttery sweet
eye treatment cream consists of generous
helpings of Carrot seed essential oil, known
to contain effective amounts of vegetable-
source vitamin A - a powerful antioxidant and
wrinkle fighter. In addition, we added Blue
Chamomile oil for it's superior anti-inflammatory
action to ensure no puffy eyes in the morning!
Shea butter, jojoba, green tea, Comfrey and
coconut oil provide a potent restorative base.
Even more therapeutic benefits are given
by the renound Frankincense, Neroli, and
Sandalwood essential oils.
  .88oz amber jar............$27.50 
* IN Stock*

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