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Our lovingly homemade herbal salves are made with fresh or dried herbs at maximum potencey. Since 1995 our Mama's Boo Boo balm is unchanged and effective as ever! We carefully select the herbs best suited for the job and add pure essential oils to enhance their speed and enjoyment. They are all made from natural cold pressed oils, organic whenever possible, and virgin beeswax. We only use anhydrous lanolin, no synthetic preservatives or fragrances. You will always get a product of absolute purity - 100%.
These salves are excellent to have around the home for every purpose, whether you're an active teen, a busy mom, outdoorsy or in the workforce - we all need a little healing rub now and again!

LICKABLE LIPGLOSS,,,,,,,My customers love the moisturizing and slightly red tint in this flavorful lip gloss.  Using the natural coloring of Alkanet keeps this a pure and  natural beauty product without the use of chemicals or colorants.   Organic Extra Virgin Olive,  Virgin Coconut Oil, Alkanet,  Beeswax, Cocoa Butter, Cinnamon, Stevia and Cardamom.

Lickable Lip Gloss twist up plastic tube......5.00 each.......

Love Your Lips lipgloss.......So rich and emollient, this clear lip gloss keeps the lips moist and smooth with delicious Cocoa Butter, Vanilla, Cinnamon, Beeswax and Olive oil.  I keep mine with me wherever I go.  

Love Your Lips lip gloss twist up plastic tube........4.00 each.....

Old Purple Farm LAVENDER LIPGLOSS  This Untinted lipgloss is made with locally grown lavender flowers and their essential oil.  Olive oil and rich natural Cocoa Butter gives it a smooth and lasting lip conditioner which feels so protective and healing for chapped lips.  I love the lavender scent.

1 Lavender Lipgloss @ $4.50

Calendula Ointment
Ideal for irritated, itchy or
rashy skin, soothing and
releiving even on eczema!
Contains: XV Olive oil
infused with Calendula
blossoms, virgin beeswax,
vitamin E, pure essential
oils of Frankincense,
Rosemary, Geranium and
Clary Sage.
1 oz jar ........$ 9.50
*In Stock*


Ageless Skin Salve

Sandalwood, Comfrey, Calendula, Siberian Ginseng, rich emmolient oils and vitamin E are combined to make a soothing and deeply nourishing salve. Pure sandalwood essential oil scents this salve, which is used to calm the mind and soothe the skin. Applied sparingly before bedtime and/or under makeup to protect the skin. Used by men and women alike, it is a favorite as an after shave salve. 1 oz jar.....$12.99

No first aid kit should be without
this all purpose healer.
Use it for cuts, scrapes,
itches, bites, burns or  
 rashes. Perfect for all your
boo boo's! Antiseptic and
mildly analgesic. No sting.
A must have for the
backpack or diaper bag.
 XV Olive oil infused
with Chapperal,
St. Johnswort, Comfrey,
virgin Beeswax, Arnica and
essential oil  of Peppermint
1 oz  jar .......$8.00
*In Stock*

Achy Brakey Salve.......

Arnica, St. Johnswort, Comfrey and Cayenne infused in emollient oils and accented with essential oils of Birch and Ginger. This warming, soothing yet penetrating salve can be massaged into sore joints, muscles or tissues to help stimulate circulation and relax tightness. 1 oz jar.....$8.00