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Nature has provided such an abundance of plants that have been used for centuries to enhance and support women's health, well-being and pleasure.

It is my pleasure and passion to collect wild plants (allies) from our purest areas and prepare them according to age old traditions.  All the oils, creams and salves contain organic and cold-pressed ingredients to supply the optimum nutrition and bio-available form possible.  Essential oils and essences are often blended in to offer aroma-therapeutic properties that embellish the actions of the herbs and oils.

Our tinctures and tonics contain organic or wild-crafted herbs whenever possible and are distiller extracted to infuse the fullness of the plant into the liquid.

Enjoy the self care of utilizing these carefully hand crafted products with pleasure and healing intention.

Herbally yours,   Lucy Mitchella


Feminine  Flower  Cream

Containing rich oils such as Avocado, Olive, Coconut and Vitamin E,  infused with Black Cohosh and other herbs traditionally reputed to support a woman's changing body. Essential oils chosen for their soothing and moisturizing effects.  Apply daily or as needed.            

This cream is thick, silky and emollient.  The original recipe took years of thought and study to formulate. Gathering the best formulas of prominent Herbalists and Naturopathic physicians, and years of experimentation and experience,  I distilled what seemed to be the most effective components to help women with vaginal dryness, itch and irritation.   

As a Vaginal cream, it can be used daily to moisturize dry surfaces, soothe itching and support supple tissue, or use as a lubricant for intimate pleasures.  The herbs in this formula are traditionally known to help tonify the women's changing body. All the ingredients are safe to ingest.  

I love it as a skin cream on any dry areas of my body.  Enjoy.

One 50 ml Cobalt Blue glass jar for $17.00

Feminine Flower Cream.
Herbal formulas specially designed for Women's Health

Fertile Woman Tincture 

Including Vitex Agnus Castus and Red Raspberry leaf. This blend of herbs is traditionally used to support women's fertility.  They are extracted in organic grain alcohol and vegetable glycerine. 

Nature has provided herbal support for women's health and fertility for ages. Tradition tells us how these herbs have been grown, harvested and utilized for maximum potency.

It is best to see a qualified practitioner to address any issues or concerns you may have.  This is not intended to diagnose or cure any conditions that require medical attention.  Your safety and health is of the utmost importance to us.

Enjoy Nature's Support,  Lucy Mitchella

1 ounce bottle with dropper.....$8.00

Fertile Woman tincture

Lakshmi's Gift, A Woman's Tonic. 

This herbal blend is formulated to offer nourishment and balancing to a Woman's Hormonal System. It includes herbs from Chinese Traditional Medicine, such as Dong Quai and Peony Root, as well as Western Herbal Tradition. The focus is on providing herbs that help the body process monthly changes in a more balanced way.  This tasty elixir contains dried cherries making this a pleasure to the palate. Extracted in a base of Brandy.

Lakshmi's Gift
One ounce dropper bottle....$9.00