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Lucy basks in freshly wildcrafted beach roses.

Elixir of Wild Rose
...Wild Beach Rose Petals hand picked in the peak of blossoming makes this a heavenly healing elixir which uplifts with the Rose aroma and taste while supporting the health of the body.  Rose is considered the Queen of flowers and is imbued with extraordinary properties which have been used throughout history by midwives, herbalists and aromatherapists.  Though modern medicine has not proven this as a medicine with double blind scientific studies folklore has, through generations of experience, used this flower to help detox the blood and the uterus as well as reducing bleeding in cases where there is too much "heat" in the blood.  It also is reputed to have antimicrobial effects which are beneficial for the body internally and the skin externally (this information is intended to educate, not treat any illnesses that require medical attention.)The energetic properties of Rose have helped many with heartbreak and to build Self-Love.  
Contains Wild Rose petals, organic grain alcohol and vegetable glycerine.

1oz dropper bottle for $10.00

Yarrow Tincture...Locally wildcrafted Yarrow Flowers carefully selected during peak of blossom time, then distiller extracted in Organic Grain Alcohol at a 1:1 herb to alcohol ratio. This potent fresh extraction offers ultimate action from the Yarrow plant used traditionally for supporting the immune system especially during flu season. Midwives and Herbalists use Yarrow to help quell heavy bleeding, either from heavy menses or postpardum. Oftentimes yarrow is applied to cuts to help cleanse and reduce bleeding. (This information is intended to educate, not to treat illnesses that require proper medical attention.) .......1 oz dropper bottle.....$9.00

Mugwort Tincture ......Locally gathered at the peak of potency, then distiller extracted in Organic Grain Alcohol to capture the healing essence of this traditional plant ally. Used for centuries this plant is honored for supporting physical as well as spiritual functions. Women traditionally used it to "warm, strengthen and relax the uterus" helping energy to flow through the reproductive area. Traditional Chinese Medicine makes an external incense which is applied topically to "open and move blocked energy". Being a member of the Artemesia family, it has also gained a reputation for repelling parasites. There are folks who use it internally to reduce the ill-effects of tick bites, and topically to soothe poison ivy. (This information is for educational purposes, not intended to treat any illnesses that require proper medical attention)........ 1 oz dropper bottle.........$9.00

St. Joan'swort Tincture (formerly known as St. John'swort)....The beautiful yellow blossoms and buds of this wild plant were harvested at the peak of ripeness and freshly distiller extracted in organic grain alcohol. The result is a deep red vibrant tincture that is filled with St. Joan'swort energy. Traditional herbalism used St. Joan'swort for warding off negative energies and protecting the spirit. In present day herbalism, it is a popular remedy for mild to moderate depression and anxiety. It also is reputed to have anti-viral properties and is used topically to relieve nerve inflammation and encourage peripheral nerve repair. (This information is for educational purposes and is not intended to treat any illness that requires medical attention.).................. 1 oz dropper bottle.....$9.00

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