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"pelargonium love" photo by John Hill

Ananda Sophia Wilson
Herbalist, specialized in skin care and aromatherapy.
Ananda, although born in colonial Manchester Connecticut,
was raised from age 2 to 16 in Fairfield Iowa. As a central hub
of the Maharishi community, Fairfield offerd Ananda and her
parents a lifestyle tailored around their practice of and dedication
to Trancendental Meditation,  and the Ayurvedic way; a natural,
spiritual lifestyle in tune with the laws of Nature. Herbs and
natural healing were employed as Ananda's primary medicine,
setting up a solid foundation for a lifetime of
herbal healing. She experienced first hand how powerful and
effective plant medicines and a healthy lifestyle are, and
only as a young adult did she realize that in fact it was rare
to have grown up completely prescrption and antibiotic free!
At age 16, (1991) Ananda and mom Lucy moved to Connecticut
to pursue Lucy's traning as a Massage Therapist, and to reunite
with Lucy's side of the family. (Getting back to their "roots"!)
 Ananda finished obtaining a high school diploma
and set her sights on a long coveted opportunity to attend
Dance school. After pursuing a rich and quenching
dance career, Ananda met her husband Eric and they started a family, creating just the right setting to nourish a small family business and continue herbal studies. 
Lucy, now had moved from successful Massage Therapist
to Master Herbalist in training, completed
her Apprenticeship with Rosemary Gladstar, inspiring luscious home-made
herbal creams to be used on her Massage clients.
Blissful Botanicals was born, and continues on to serve the beauty and health to all it touches.
Ananda continues to nourish her family with herbs and natural ways, as well as teach herbs, dance, and remain an active member of her community. 


Lucy Mitchella, LMT, D.Ay., Herbalist
Lucy loves to share her passion for plants and natural healing with all who know her. As a child her dance with plants started by gardening with her Dad and picking wild berries in the fields of her Connecticut home. At 18 years old her desire to live a life in harmony with nature spurred her on to learn all she could about the medicinal and magical aspects of plants. Working in a Health foods store enabled her to study and apply the healing power of herbs on herself, family, friends and customers. In 1975 came beautiful blissful Ananda, through natural childbirth. Breast feeding, gardening, meditation and living in the woods brought a magical insight to the healing that nature can provide. In 1977 she and her family ventured out to Maharishi International University to live and study a meditation based cirriculum. Living in the Transcendental Meditation community in Fairfield Iowa for 15 years brought invaluable experience and learning. Lucy lived, breathed and worked Ayurveda as she co-managed a Health Foods store and began her Therapeutic Massage practice. Maharishi Mahesh Yogi brought the leading insights into conscousness, Ayurveda, Jyotish Astrology and the Vedas (the most ancient scriptures known on this planet). Lucy's journey over the past 32 years has brought many wonderful teachers including Rosemary Gladstar, Eliot Cowan, and Dr.Rosita Arvigo where she apprenticed and learned Herbalism, Plant Spirit Medicine and Maya Abdominal Massage. (See As well being a trained and Licensed Massage Therapist, Lucy has integrated her Diploma in Ayurvedic Medicine with all her healing work and product formulation. Ethical wild crafting (picking herbs in the wild) at the peak of ripeness and properly preparing infusions and extracts is crutial in making Blissful Botanicals products. Passing these folkloric traditions down from Mother to Daughter has kept the integrity of our products in tact. Lucy continues her private practice in Maya Abdominal Massage, Ayurvedic Counseling,Healing with Herbs and Plant Spirit Medicine. She also maintains a hand in the art of handcrafting herbal skin care with Ananda. Her continued experience and knowledge will carry the excellence brought to you through the beauty and healing of Blissful Botanicals Skin Care. As Lucy dances through the fields and woods picking herbs with her daughter and now budding herbalists, grandchildren McKenzie and Sage, she is delighted that the tradition continues on to the next generation. Eating wild salads, brewing herbal teas, steaming nettles greens with those she loves...ahhh that's the good life. May you enjoy the gifts of Nature. Peace, Lucy Mitchella